Atomic veterans deserve better

Editorial: Nation's 'atomic veterans' deserve recognition – Editorial: Nation’s ‘atomic veterans’ deserve recognition. Congressman James P. McGovern, D-Worcester, speaks during an interview at the Daily Hampshire Gazette in April.

M To: ‘’ Subject: Atomic Veterans Service Certificate Follow-up George, It was a pleasure speaking to you today. As I mentioned in my phone call to you, the Department of Defense is currently working to Develop the Atomic Veterans Service Certificate, In accordance with the FY19 NDAA Sec.581.

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For example, veterans exposed to radiation poisoning from atomic testing during the 1950s, 2 Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange, 3 veterans suffering from Gulf War syndrome, 4 and those filing claims for posttraumatic stress disorder 5 all had to fight for recognition of their claims. In the early 1990s, a similar struggle emerged over.

Two years ago, the Veterans of Foreign Wars published some information about NAAV, and Ritter got more than 10,000 inquiries. There has been some media coverage, such as a feature on the search for atomic vets by the Australian television version of 60 Minutes. Next: 557,000 atomic veterans were exposed to lethal radiation. >>

Our veterans deserve better than this. As of Sept. 22, the VA had nearly 900,000 claims awaiting decisions, with close to 600,000 – two-thirds – of them having exceeded the department’s own modest.

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The letter was sent three days before the Memorial Day holiday honoring members of the military. “We now urge the department.

This Web Site is maintained by an Atomic Veteran that was involved in nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site. Contact information is also provided for filing claims with the U.S. Department of Justice, for those who were affected by fallout and radiation.

Remains of unclaimed WWI veterans laid to rest in Roseburg Dozens of unclaimed veterans’ remains found their final resting place Wednesday.A graveside service with full military honors for 28 unclaimed veterans’ remains and nine spousal remains was.

Our Veterans Deserve Better. Our service men and women deserve the best, and they deserve it immediately. Earlier today, Ronny Jackson withdrew his name from consideration to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Jackson was a United States Navy Rear admiral who has served at the White.

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Veterans deserve better . Monday Nov 12, 2018 at 12:01 AM. Sunday is a noteworthy day for the nearly 30,000 men and women in Lane County who served our country in the military. But Nov. 11 also.

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Guest editorial | Atomic veterans deserve better | Editorials. – Atomic veterans were put in a dangerous situation and deserve VA benefits for the injuries resulting from their exposure to high levels of radiation. Tags Richard Simpson