Navy vets exposed to Agent Orange get new hope for benefits

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has once again turned down an effort by Navy veterans to get compensation for possible exposure to Agent Orange during the. The VA’s new review rejecting.

A new House bill could extend benefits for Vietnam veterans who were exposed to herbicides like Agent Orange in Thailand. House bill could offer hope to veterans exposed to Agent Orange | kcentv.

Blue Water Navy veterans are now eligible to receive disability benefits for toxic Agent Orange exposure.

WASHINGTON – For the second time in as many years, the House overwhelmingly approved a bill that could make tens of thousands of Navy vets and their survivors eligible for benefits stemming from.

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VA treats Leon for conditions linked to Agent Orange exposure. Navy vets who. You better get ready to lose your bladder.'” The VA’s policy, he said, doesn’t make sense because it provides benefits to Vietnam vets with prostate cancer based on their Agent.

Nearly 90,000 U.S. Navy veterans who served off the coast during the Vietnam War could soon begin receiving benefits for exposure to Agent Orange.A Slidell veterans advocate played a key role in.

As a result of the ruling, Blue Water Navy veterans can now walk into any VA hospital or office and file a claim connecting certain health problems to Agent Orange exposure, but it will take some time for those claims to be processed.

Find your ship. The list of U.S. Navy and coast guard ships associated with military service in Vietnam and possible exposure to Agent Orange has moved to the Veterans Benefits Administration compensation website. The updated list can now be found on VBA’s "Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange" Web page.

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Congresswoman Elaine Luria Presses VA Secretary for Answers on blue water veterans; 20-Year-Navy Veteran Says It’s "Inexcusable" That Heroes Must Wait "Another Minute" For Clarity On health benefits. id. navy vets exposed to Agent Orange get new hope for benefits, Peter Urban, Published 10:51 am EDT, Wednesday, May 15.

1998: A study in Australia finds that Royal Australian Navy members were exposed to Agent Orange through on-board water distillation systems. 2002: The VA excludes Navy veterans who served offshore.