Veterans speak out against war on Memorial Day

Kentucky WWII Veteran to Receive French Legion of Honor The French government on Monday awarded its highest honor to a 100-year-old Kentucky man who fought in world war ii. 100-year-Old WWII veteran awarded french legion of Honor |

"Veterans For Peace is proud to offer our endorsement of the Remove the Stain Act," said Garett Reppenhagen, Veterans For Peace Executive Director and U.S. Army veteran of operation iraqi freedom. "We join congressman heck, Congressman Cook, Congresswoman Haaland, and Indigenous communities in denouncing the violence that occurred at the.

Banz said he has visited the World War II. War. On Memorial Day, veterans speak out against ‘forever war’ and push to improve VA health system. – rachel hinton. steps away from Chicago’s vietnam war memorial, anti-war activists gathered Monday morning to call for improved social services for veterans and to.

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Fifty years later, we come to this wall — to this sacred place — to remember. We can step towards its granite wall and reach out, touch a name. Today is Memorial Day, when we recall all those who gave everything in the darkness of war so we could stand here in the glory of spring. And today begins the 50th commemoration of our war in Vietnam.

For this Memorial Day, I hope that my documentary 'Going to War' could bridge. How to talk to veterans on Memorial Day – and every day. I had even made a documentary about the hardest-hit combat unit in the Iraq War.

He voted against the Iraq War resolution in 2002. not for one single day.” Missing out on the latest scoop? Sign up here.

Bellingham going all out for Memorial Day All these kids were going to be up there, and we just played and played and. learned how to putt on the practice green and take full swings on the range. On the final day, the over-12 group.

Trump Designates Annual Day to Honor Vietnam Veterans. President Donald Trump on Nov. 10 signed into law that March 29 be designated "National Vietnam War Veterans Day" to honor the close to 500,000 American troops who fought in Vietnam and, many say, were not properly honored for their sacrifice.

For over twenty years, Vietnam Veterans Against the War in Chicago have paid respect to their brothers and sisters on Veterans Day by speaking out against war and imperialism, speaking up for veterans and active-duty soldiers and reminding the general population that war is the worst possible option in any circumstances.

The Vietnam Full Disclosure Project asked for people to write the true history of the Vietnam War in the face of a Pentagon whitewash of the true horrors.

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